OneDub Live – Counteraction Band meets Hytal Bosrah Soundsystem


I went to Birmingham for the first time last weekend for birthday party and ended up of course on a Soundsystem session. OneDub organizing a lot of things in the area with legendary sessions in local Music Cafe (Leicester).

1457467_10202142721386908_503519054_nThe Drum in B’ham is perfect venue for a Soundsystem (apart from staircase), nice big area, high ceiling and quite remote area. When we enter Counteraction Band was already running their first set sounding raw and heavy on Hytal Bosrah Soundsystem with live drums, bass, samplers and I-Mitri on the mix and vocals. It was great to listen live to tunes that we run on our sessions with Roots Revival. Especially “Babylon Illusions” – check below. There was special guest appearance by Mr. Parvez (first time heard live and it was A-Mazing! the man should be released on more records!! Labels you hear me??!). First Counteraction set was finished and Hytal Bosrah took over with their selection of unreleased dub plates (big ups to Prince Jamo and Joseph Lalibela – B.Marley recut sounds ROUGH!) and some already classic tunes from Izyah Davis – the selector and mic man of the Sound. Soundsystem was sounding perfect, clear tops, clear mids and heavy bass. Very refreshing (for ears especially) after last few sessions. (I’m not complaining!) Overall session was going nice but the attendance was very poor as for second largest city in Britain, there was probably about 30-40 people. I’d like to see Hytal Bosrah more on the road and to hear them running all night session. Watch this Sound!!!