Aba Shanti I meets King Earthquake – H.I.M. Coronation Dance @ Music Cafe 2nd Nov 2013

What a session that was!! Music Cafe is the place where all “smaller” sessions in Leicester takes place and on that night the venue was completely rammed!!



Both Sounds came with 1 stack of 4 and it was perfectly enough for this rather small venue. Aba from start to finish sounded very heavy comparing to Earthquake being a bit backed off. I’d say Aba as usual was a bit too much on top section – digression, its a HUUGE difference between actual Sounding of a Soundsystem in the continent and in UK. It was quite a long time (and I heard quite a lot EU based Soundsystems in last two years) when I had last time ringing in my ears after Soundsystem session, actually it was last time when Mark Iration played on Dubseed Soundsystem in Poland and everything on the mixer was red(Sic!). First session after our coming back to UK (Emperorfari Soundsystem meets Roots Injection) and next day I had ringing. On Coronation Dance if I won’t have earplugs I’d have heavy ringing next day for sure. Come on guys, you’re doing it too long to not know that when you play VERY loud top section with bullet and compression drivers  they sound horrible “metallic” and you don’t really have the most important thing that is in roots & culture dubwise reggae music which is riddim (mids) which are completely deaden by tops. End of digression.

Anyway session was going nice, people were skunking heavy and it was really good dance. The highlight was when Aba was talking to everybody about when he and his brother coming from and how did they get to the point where they are now. All that on version of the Blood Shanti newest single “Peace & Love” from upcoming album (QUALITY!!! you can get in only here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/peace-love-single/id693982573 sadly with no dub which from good source I know will appear on the album). Aba finished it similar to this video above. Great night and looks like Aba Shanti I is like a good wine – the older, the better!