Jah Shaka Soundsystem @ The Dome 26Oct 2013

Recently there’s probably no other session in all Europe like the one in The Dome. Vibes from start to finish, mixed audience like on University of Dub but still a lot of old crew from back in the days and Shaka – playing strictly militant tunes all night long.

You can see people in jackets and hats with their backpacks on skanking for 3 hours straight, security running around and chasing bredrins trying to smoke inside and really lots of people enjoying themselves! From time to time there’s loud “Zuuuluuu” , “Shakaaa” or simply “Gwaaan” shouted from the crowd that keeps this feeling that its not just ordinary Soundsystem session but Jah Shaka Soundsystem in session. The originator himself!

The Dome seems to be the best venue recently for Soundsystem sessions, don’t know why nobody else is doing nothing there. Also sad to see so many people completely drunk that needs to be taken away from inside with the help of their friends & security.

Next Jah Shaka Soundsystem session – 13th of December at The Dome /Tufnell Park/.